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Based at Exeter in the United Kingdom we are one of the largest manufacturers of puncture prevention treatments worldwide.

We have been established 24 years, but we started developing our range of tyre sealants 29 years ago.

Because of the quality of our sealant with its ability to affect a permanent seal and also to withstand the hostile environment inside a tyre, we have become the market leader.

We are ISO 9001 accredited.


Applied “before the puncture occurs” to permanently seal punctures “as they happen”.

Reduces porosity and extends tyre life.

Tyres run cooler, so will last longer.

The PunctureSafe R&D Team developed an unrivaled process that has never been duplicated.
PunctureSafe is a revolutionary product that is out-performing everything, because we use technology not found in other tyre sealants.
PunctureSafe is more than just a tyre sealant, it is a tyre safety system that is “outstanding at sealing punctures”.

It Works, and it works for the life of the tyre

Manufactured with FlexxaGelTM our mostclosely guarded trade secret


When a puncture occurs, the centrifugal forces of the rotating tyre, plus internal pressure and escaping air, forces the gel into the puncture and a permanent seal is created.

Exceptional inner tyre coverage

A Permanent Seal

Extends Tyre Life

Reduced Downtime

Improved Fuel Economy

100% Non-Toxic, 95% Organic

We manufacture 4 grades to cover every vehicle sector

High PerformanceHigh Speed Grade

Heavy DutyMedium Speed Grade

Extra Heavy DutyLow Speed Grade

Light DutyCycle Grade

The Company ISO 9001 Certificate